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Folding Doggie Bowl

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Never Carry a Clunky Bowl Again!

Has it ever been a hassle for you to carry around a large bowl when travelling with your dog? Or you might not even want to take them places because carrying everything they need can require a whole bag itself. The Folding Doggie Bowl is so compact that it can fit inside a purse or simply clip to a leash. 

  • Folds completely flat for easy carry and storage 
  • Easily feed and hydrate your dog while walking, hiking, camping or travelling 
  • Comes with metal caribiner clip to conveniently attach to a bag or leash
  • Durable yet flexible silicone, made to last 

Never again be unprepared and have your dog slopping up water out of your cupped hands or trying to pour it straight into their mouth (most water doesnt make it in).

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